• Natural Resources for Sustainable Development in Eurasia.

Eurasia Researchers Network

30 Nov, -0001 397

The Networking Dinner brought together the researchers from Azerbaijan and training participants from Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia, Tajikistan and Ukraine. The aim of the meeting was to deliver the key messages about the aim of the Research Initiative within the Hub and to hear about the needs of the researchers.

The evening started with the presentation of Hub’s Communication and Programme Development Manager, Nazaket Azimli. She adressed the need for profound research on natural resource governance chain in the current situation of low commodity prices, when most of the countries in the region face severe economic and social challenges. Thus, the Eurasia Hub aims to facilitate high quality research that could serve interests of policymakers, civil society and media. For more details please see our research strategy section. Thereafter, she said that Hub plans to play role as a mediator between the researchers with the similar expertise and provide them a platform to match for collaboration. Moreover, researchers will be updated about the activities of each other through media channels of the hub. For Junior Researchers Eurasia Hub is also planning to provide skills based training and mentorship when needed.

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