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Roundtable discussion on the topic of “Governance of Resource Revenues: Transparency and Accountability”

30 Nov, -0001 462
Eurasia Extractive Industries Knowledge Hub has organized a roundtable discussion on the topic of “Governance of Resource Revenues: Transparency and Accountability” on December 19, 2018 in Baku, Azerbaijan. The expert group of Eurasia Hub has presented main points of the researches on the State Oil Company of Azerbaijan, SOCAR, newly adopted fiscal rules, Azerbaijan’s ranking in Resource Governance Index and Open Budget Survey. The 4 researches were presented by Samir Aliyev, Rovshan Agayev, Ingilab Ahmadov and Azer Mehtiyev respectively. The diplomatic corps, international organizations, such as SECO, ADB and EBRD, state entities, academia and civil society representatives engaged in the discussion at the roundtable. It is noteworthy that representatives of entities responsible for the legislation and its implementation, such as Ministry of Finance, SOFAZ, Chamber of Accounts and State Statistics Committee were present and engaged in fruitful discussion with the event participants. The dialogue among the roundtable participants will have an impact on the further correction of the gaps in the legislation and increasing Azerbaijan’s position in the transparency, governance and accountability indexes. As a follow up, the Eurasia Hub expert group will observe and monitor the work of the responsible entities in resource governance in following the recommendations made in the research on the fiscal rules, management of the State Oil Company and assessment of Azerbaijan’s performance in transparency, governance and accountability international indexes.
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