• Natural Resources for Sustainable Development in Eurasia.

EITI Training

Lviv, Ukraine 30 Nov, -0001 418

On 29-30 September 2016 Eurasia Hub together with EITI Secretariat and NRGI held the training for the participants of Eurasia Regional Network civil society participants in Lviv, Ukraine. 30 participants from Azerbaijan, Mongolia, Kyrgyzystan, Tajikistan, Ukraine, and Georgia joined the training.

The first part of the training covered beneficial ownership and helped participants to develop a roadmap for Multi Stakeholder Group of their respective countries. The sessions were delivered by EITI Secretariat members Dyveke Rogan and Oliana Valigura.

The second part was dedicated to EITI mainstreaming and focused on integration of EITI reports disclosure into government policies for improving governance processes in extractive industries. EITI Secretariat representative Oliana Valigula, NRGI Regional director Galib Efendiev and Eurasia Hub Director Ingilab Ahmadov delivered these sessions. By the end of the trainings participants in the country groups created roadmap for EITI mainstreaming in their home countries.

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