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Roundtable on Transparency and Accountability

30 Nov, -0001 201

Eurasia Hub together with the Business Education and Consulting and with the support of Natural Resource Governance Institute has held a roundtable discussion on the topic of “Transparency and Accountability: New perspectives for Azerbaijan” on January 31 in Baku, Azerbaijan. This was the first meeting of all the stakeholders, including state representatives, international organizations, civil society and media representatives after the withdrawal of Azerbaijan from EITI in 2016.

Sabit Bagirov, head of the Business Education and Consulting and Inqilab Ahmadov, Director of Eurasia Hub opened the conference with welcoming speech, highlighting the importance of a such event for review of the existing situation and idea exchange. Thereafter, Azer Mehtiyev presented Independent Experts feedback on the Azerbaijan Republic’s Transparency in Extractive Industries 2016 report.

Head of Secretariat on Transparency Commission in Extractive Industries, Farid Farzaliyev, delivered a speech on existing practice, premises and further possibilities of cooperation with civil society in the framework of the Commission. The event concluded with an hour long discussion, where civil society representatives addressed their concerns and made further clarification on the work of Transparency Commission in Extractive Industries.

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