• Natural Resources for Sustainable Development in Eurasia.

Media representatives learn how to investigate extractive industries

30 Nov, -0001 212

Natural Resource Governance Institute has held a training for media representatives from Azerbaijan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Mongolia and Ukraine in cooperation with Eurasia Hub and EY in Ukraine. More than 20 media representatives were given skills and knowledge in investigating the topics along the value chain of natural resource governance.

Eurasia Hub has delivered knowledge sessions on Natural Resource Charter and EITI. Director of Eurasia Hub, Ingilab Ahmadov, provided brief outline of each percept within the Charter and showed how the knowledge of the model suggested by NRGI can be helpful in investigating and writing reports on governance issues in extractive industries.

Thereafter, I. Ahmadov delivered a session on EITI, its basic principles and how data from EITI reports can be used as a source in research on the issues of transparency and accountability. Thereafter, participants did a group work, where they identified the weakest performance points in the value chain of natural resource governance in their respective countries and identified potential topics of investigation.

Alexandra Gillies, director of Governance Programmes at NRGI, has conducted a session on Red flags of corruption in extractive sector license and contract awards. A. Gillies explained in the example of various cases how 12 Red flags developed by NRGI could help journalists in identifying important lines of inquiry. The session was followed by a group work on investigating the case of corruption scandal in a fictional country.

On the last day, Andrii Kitura, representative audit and consultancy company EY in Ukraine, delivered a session on basic skills and principles of investigating companies through financial reports.

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