• Natural Resources for Sustainable Development in Eurasia.
Katarina Kuai

Before NRGI, Katarina Kuai worked at the United Nations in New York as well as on field missions in Afghanistan and Indonesia. At the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, she worked on an inter-agency initiative to promote rights-based approaches in the UN`s approach to development, peace and security. She has also worked for UNDP, conducting policy research and managing projects in various areas including South-South cooperation, civil society partnerships and indigenous peoples` issues. As program officer, Katarina`s focus is on training and capacity development in downstream phases of the extractive sector value chain including revenue management and economic diversification. She is leading NRGI`s work in Afghanistan and has a special interest in conflict-resource linkages, China-Africa relations and Chinese NOC engagement in extractive sector governance. In addition, Katarina oversees the development of NRGI training modules and the management of fellowships. She holds a Masters in International Relations from Yale University and a BA from New School University.