• Natural Resources for Sustainable Development in Eurasia.

Call for Applications: Blended Course on Revenue Management

Baku, Azerbaijan September 15, 2017 Upcoming events


Online phase: September 25- October 25

Residential phase:November 25- December 05

Final Assignment due on: February 10


Khazar University, Baku


September 15

Amid the collapse in global commodity prices, oil, gas and mineral-rich states in Eurasia have to adjust to the new realities of slow economic growth and declining fiscal revenues. The authorities in these states had to revise their state budgets, cut public investment expenses and enact unpopular currency depreciations to respond to the worsening conditions in global commodity markets. The ongoing fall in commodity prices has revamped the intererest in the impact of natural resources on the wellbeing and sustainable development of resource-rich nations. This has reinvigorated the debate about how the authorities in countries dependent on oil and minerals should address the external negative shocks and assure sound management of resource revenues. The course seeks to offer alternative theories and practices to traditional post-Soviet resource governance, particularly in revenue management approaches by enhancing the analytical and policy design competencies of policy influencers.

The overarching goal of the course is to equip participants with the knowledge and skills necessary:

•To build a broad understanding of policy challenges in revenue management process

•To analyse policy scenarios with integrating analytical tools into forming an information base in revenue management decision making process

•For assessing most relevant decisions in achieving specific country development priorities

The programme aims to facilitate a rich dialogue about best practices from around the globe and their lessons for countries in the region. Lectures combined with practical work based on case studies, policy analysis and peer-to-peer discussions with practitioners and experts in the field will help participants to share experience in how to manage resource revenues for sustainable development.


The programme will comprise of three parts.

Online stage: participants will acquire introductory knowledge about the resource governance and will need to pass an online assignment in order to be accepted to the residential stage.

Residential stage: Participants will spend 10 days at Khazar University in Baku and learn about the following topics:

•Managing natural resource revenues

•Fiscal Policy for resource-rich economies

•Monetary Policy for resource-rich economies

•State Owned Enterprises

•Revenue Distribution and Sovereign Wealth Funds

•Budgeting in resource rich countries

•Public Investment and Sustainable Development

Final Assignment: The final assignment will be delivery of Policy Paper that provides a reform advise regarding a particular issue in revenue management process in their respective countries.

Potential participants

Mid-level government, senior parliamentary staff, specialized civil society and media, international development agencies and private company representatives, as well as academics and researchers from countries of Eurasia region.


Eurasia Hub will cover all the costs of the course for selected participants. This includes accommodation, meals and Azerbaijan airport transfers, but does not cover overseas transport or other incidentals.

Application process

To apply, please complete and submit our online application form available here. The deadline for applying is September 15, 2017 . All the applications will be evaluated after the deadline and participants will be informed about the decision by September 25 . The course is available both in English and Russian. After the acceptance into the first phase of the course all the applicants will be required to undertake online course on Natural Resource Decision Chain and pass the quizzes to proceed into residential stage.

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