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Baku, Azerbaijan 29 June- 6 July Upcoming events

The Eurasia EI Knowledge Hub is announcing training course on “Natural Resource Governance Decision Chain” planned for June 29 -July 6 in Baku, Azerbaijan. The ultimate goal of the course is to deliver skills and knowledge to government officials, parliamentary staff, CSOs, academia and media representatives that will help them to explore most effective scenarios for transforming extractive wealth into sustained prosperity.

Based on the Natural Resource Charter, this decision chain course helps participants to understand the linkages between extractive sector transparency, accountability and management issues as an integrated system.

Participants of the course will be actively engaged in in-depth analysis and practical implementation scenarios associated with three components: domestic foundations for resource governance; the chain of economic decisions required to manage resources for prosperity; and the international foundations for resource governance.

The course will cover following topics:

Inclusive and comprehensive national strategy development

Accountability and transparency mechanisms

Exploration and license allocation


Local effects from extractive operations

State Owned Enterprises

Managing volatile revenues

Government spending and investing for sustainable development

Role of International Foundations for ensuring highest environmental, social and human rights

The Course will be delivered by professional trainers of Natural Resource Governance Institute and Eurasia Hub. Simultaneous translation English/Russian will be provided.

The course is open (with coverage of all expenses) for officials, academicians, CSO and mass media representatives of Mongolia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Ukraine and Tajikistan.

Representatives of international organizations, foundations, companies and individuals can also apply paying a course fee. The fee is $1450, excluding airfare. Applicants willing to participate in training program, should complete and send application form in the


and CV to Eurasia EI Knowledge Hub info@eurasia-hub.org not later than May 26, 2017. For more information, please contact Nazaket Azimli at nazaket.azimli@eurasia-hub.org

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