• Natural Resources for Sustainable Development in Eurasia.


December 27, 2016 News

The Hub experts have already held trainings for variety of stakeholders in Kosovo, Ukraine, Azerbaijan and Tajikistan. Content and main focus of trainings was defined based on the needs of a given country and stakeholders. The summary of the topics covered by our experts is the following:

•EITI Standard and its requirements

•Assesment of country’s compliance status with EITI requirements, with particular focus on shortfalls and challenges

•Establishment of Multi-Stakeholder Group and its role in overseeing EITI implementation process

•Role of State Owned Enterprises and Multinational Companies in EITI

•Quasi-fiscal spendings

•Beneficial ownership

•EITI mainstreaming

•Monitoring of extractive industries

•EITI related data analysis

All the trainings were follow up by practical exercises, such as: writing roadmaps for EITI mainstreaming in respective countries, action plan for overcoming challenges for approval of EITI membership, identifying of gaps in legal and institutional frameworks, analysing best practices and experiences of EITI implementing states in establishing the multi-stakeholder group (MSG).

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