• Natural Resources for Sustainable Development in Eurasia.

The last day of Legal and Fiscal Framework of Extractive Industries training

December 7 News

The day was opened by an introductory presentation of Amir Shafaie on Fiscal Regimes in post-boom era.Thereafter the last day of the training was dedicated the Fiscal Modelling and its Structure, delivered by Dorjdari Namkhaijantsan. Following the presentation Dorjdari introduced an excel exercise on modelling to the participants, where they got a chance to apply knowledge gained.

The Concluding session was dedicated into group brainstorming of the representatives from each country on possible improvements into Legal and Fiscal framework in their respective countries. Each country presented the outcome of the discussion, which gave everyone a chance to compare the situation in the countries of the region.

Director of Eurasia Hub Dr Ingilab Ahmadov and trainers Amir Shafaie and Dorjdari Namkhaijantsan awarded the Certificates to the participants at the end of the day.

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