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Consultancy on ‘Blended Learning’ Course Development

December 6 News

Our ambitions are based on the premise that at equal learning value, a combination of online and classroom-based training is most effective in producing learning than either online or classroom based training individually. We also see blended learning as a key opportunity to strike a better balance between content that should be administered online or in a classroom, with a view to running shorter and therefore more cost-effective residential trainings. These would be part of longer and more staggered blended learning journeys that involve gradual absorption of information and regular monitoring of knowledge assimilation and application.

NRGI seeks the expert services of a consultant, preferably one individual or a small team, specialized in instructional design and blended learning to advise on the development of a blended learning academic course.

This will involve the following tasks:

Review and become familiar with the curriculum of the Eurasia hub decision chain course as well as NRGI’s online courses (MOOC and Petronia, which launches in January 2017).

Conduct meetings with staff from NRGI and Khazar University to better understand learning needs, audiences and approaches used in current courses, as well as Khazar University’s ambitions and accreditation requirements.

Help Khazar University assess demand for academic courses with a view to building a course that meets the interests of students in the country and the wider Eurasia region.

Lead the process of piloting the conversion of the decision chain course into a blended learning course, including through a course design workshop. This will include helping NRGI and Khazar University determine which elements are best delivered online or in classroom, how NRGI can leverage elements from its existing online courses to build the blended course, and what areas require the development or purchasing of new technology.

If new technology is needed, advise on options for LMSs, while noting NRGI’s strong preference to use and if needed adapt our existing technology (i.e., the EdX- based MOOC can be created as an “private instance” that allows customization of the MOOC platform to meet the needs of Khazar University; similarly, NRGI has the option of adding a Moodle-based LMS to forthcoming interactive course Petronia).

Support NRGI and partner staff in the process of delivering the revised blended learning course, including overseeing and supporting the implementation of the first blended learning course as needed.

Review lessons from the pilot run and help incorporate revisions for future editions. In the process, develop a methodology that NRGI capacity development staff will be able to use to revise other NRGI courses into blended courses.

Key deliverables

These deliverables are illustrative and subject to the consultant’s proposal on how to deliver on the scope of work:

An inception report outlining the consultant’s understanding of the scope of work, key tasks and support expected and related timeframes

Up to 10 interviews with relevant NRGI and Khazar University staff and experts

An agenda for a blended course design workshop Blended course syllabus and a plan for implementation outlining key steps, timeframes, roles and responsibilities in developing the blended learning course

An evaluation of pilot run with suggestions for further revisions

Coaching and oversight at conceptual design and delivery stages.

Approximate timeline

This timeline, which is provided for applicants’ reference, is subject to discussions with the selected consultant and to course design deliberations.

January to March 2017: curriculum review and design

April to September: course delivery (with residential phase in July)

October to November: evaluation of the pilot and revisions


Fees can be paid in instalments tied to key deliverables, e.g., inception report, delivery of syllabus and delivery of evaluation report. NRGI can only pay an advance only against submission of at least the first deliverable (i.e., inception report).

Payments can also be against days worked per month, with maximum one invoice per month being submitted. The number of days will be capped during the initial negotiations.

NRGI will pay directly for any travel costs.


Our preference is to work with an individual with strong instructional background and experience in facilitating the development of blended learning courses, including at academic level. Firms can apply as long as the project supervisor carries a relevant profile and continuity in key profiles involved in the project can be assured. A list of key requirements follows:

Extensive experience in assisting third parties in developing blended learning experiences High degree of familiarity with cutting edge learning technology and approaches

Extensive experience in instructional design and adult learning

Experience in assisting in the development of academic courses is highly desirable

Abundant creativity and ability to think out of the box

Good project management skills

Attention to detail

Experience in working with multiple organizations in different contexts

Fluency in English is required

Fluency in Russian would be an asset

Application process

Interested applicants are required to submit the following documents to training@resourcegovernance.org by 5 January 2017:

A short technical proposal detailing understanding the requirements, approach and methodology, draft work‐plan including timeframes, CV and contact details of the consultant, an explanation of how the consultant meets all the above mentioned requirements (or if there are multiple team members, please briefly describe their roles and how their profiles meet the requirements of this TOR), and proof of similar assignments conducted in the past.

A financial proposal breaking down cost parameters for the consultant fee.

A list of 3 references, who will be contacted only if the applicant is shortlisted (NRGI will request prior permission to contact).

NRGI intends to interview top candidates for this assignment before making a decision.

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