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Results of a research on SOE governance

In collaboration with NRGI, Eurasia hub has recently implemented a research project on SOE transparency, accountability and governance focusing on 4 country cases:...

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Ten Questions About Extension of Massive Azerbaijan Oil Deal

October 24, 2017

On September 14, Azerbaijan’s government, BP and other partner companies agreed to amend the contract for the Azeri-Chirag-Guneshli oil field. ...

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EITI for Azerbaijan meant more than just EITI

Ingilab Ahmadov March 27, 2017

Azerbaijani government decided to leave EITI last week, and set the first precedent in history of the initiative....

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EITI Week In Azerbaijan

Nazaket Azimli February 6, 2017

The first week of February 2017 has been marked as EITI week in Azerbaijan. ...

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Improving Licensing Could Give Tajikistan a Shot in the Arm

Farid Guliyev, Jahongir Nigmatov December 12, 2016

As a lower middle-income country that heavily depends on remittances from migrant workers hard hit by the economic downturn in Russia, Tajikistan is in desperate need of foreign capital to balance its...

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Transparency is not fashionable in Eurasia yet

Ingilab Ahmadov September 30, 2016

There is no doubt that transparency is one of the key pillars of good governance and, as such, is a necessary precondition for long-term sustainable development. ...

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